About Sparetech

What We Offer

Distributor of NET, Polarion, Fala Technologies, Direct Repair Laboratories, GPIC, GUTC and many others.

Sparetech.com is a specialty distributor of high technology products, founded in 1999 to serve the semiconductor manufacturing market. Over the years, we added numerous products such as gas injection systems, robot repairs and flow monitors. We added the Polarion line card in 2014 and were factory-certified in 2015.

Polarion lights
We sell all the latest Polarion tactical lights, search lights, diving lights and hand-held LED lights. Look for the latest CF3 light with motion sentry and the NET40 UV light for particle inspection.

Repair and Services

Authorized Servicer
We are an authorized repair and service center for all Polarion searchlights.

Polarion certified!
Our shop uses Polarion approved equipment and uses genuine Polarion spare parts. We have been trained in Korea by Polarion technicians.

Replacement batteries
We stock replacement batteries and chargers for current and obsolete Polarion lights.

Everything is repairable
We can bring your lights to near new condition. Collectors, filters, bulbs, ballasts, magnetic switch, battery caps, all be be repaired or replaced.