The Polarion Abyss™ is a professional-grade technical dive light capable of operating at depths of up to 100 m (330 ft). It is the perfect solution for both recreational and professional scuba diving applications. Suitable for photography and video recording. Abyss can be used as a normal light. High strength aluminum & precision manufacturing ensures rugged, water-tight performance. Two types of high-grade reflectors (spot/diffused) are available and optional accessories help customize your light even more. Abyss is dual-mode to extend battery life. The non-contact magnetic switching ensures reliable operation under extreme conditions, and the interchangeable battery cartridges are double sealed for extra protection. A professional technical diving light indeed!

Camera and other accessories can be bolted directly into the handle. The light can be fitted with colored filters and diffusers. Perfect for fluo-diving with blue and near UV light.

The cartridge style-battery is easily replaceable and can be fully charged in 3 hours. It does not suffer from charging memory or over-charging as the charger system is intelligent and automatically regulates the charging cycle.

Abyss Specification

Lamp Type Xenon HID
Lamp Power 30/45W
Lamp Life Up to 2500 hrs
Color Temperature 4300 K (S) 5500 K (D)
Flux 3400-4500 lumens
Input Voltage 10-18 VDC
Operating Current 4.0 A
Weight (w/o battery) 1.34 kg
Battery Type Li-ion
Battery Capacity 5,700 mAh
Run Time up to 80 mins
Weight 470 g
Input Voltage 100-240 VAC
Charging Time 3 hrs

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