The Polarion Abyss™ is an professional grade technical dive light capable of operating at depths of up to 100 m (330 ft). It is the perfect solution for both recreational and professional scuba diving applications. Suitable for photography and video recording. High strength aluminum & precision manufacturing ensures rugged, water-tight performance. 2 types of high grade reflectors are available and many optional accessories help customize your light even more. The rail handle gives you expansion options like never before. Non-contact magnetic switching ensures reliable operation under extreme conditions, and the interchangeable battery cartridges are double o-ring sealed for extra protection. A professional technical diving light indeed!

Abyss lights can be used under and above water. Light is available with spot and diffuse reflectors.

The Polarion Abyss waterproof searchlight with integrated handle

Abyss is a high-quality tool for professionals who need massive, clean, light output in a portable waterproof self-contained package. No need to carry a belt battery. Camera and other accessories can be bolted directly into the handle

Polarion has developed an industry leading, slim ballast that gives this light its small footprint and light weight.The light can be fitted with colored filters and diffusers. Perfect for fluo-diving with blue and near UV light.

Abyss uses Polarion’s unbreakable water-proof rotary magnetic switch.

The cartridge style-battery is easily replaceable and can be fully charged in 3 hours.

Abyss is available in a fixed 35 W version or in a dual mode 30/45 version.

The rechargeable Li-ion battery does not suffer from charging memory or over-charging as the charger system is intelligent and automatically regulates the charging cycle.

Abyss can be used as a normal light and is waterproof to 100 meters.

Abyss can be modified to output at 365 nm. Call us for special order instructions.

Abyss Specification
Lamp Type
Xenon HID
Lamp Power
35 W or 30/45W
Lamp Life
Up to 2500 hrs
Color Temperature 4300 K (S) 5500 K (D)
Flux 3400-4500 lumens
Input Voltage 10-18 V DC
Operating Current 4.0 A
Weight (w/o battery) 1.34 kg
Battery Type Li-ion
Battery Capacity 5,200 mAh
Run Time up to 80 mins
Weight 470 g
Input Voltage 100-240 V AC
Charging Time 3 hrs