Vehicle Mounted

When retrofitting an existing armored vehicle, you need to consider the following elements:

    1. Physical Attachment
    2. Power Source
    3. Switching
    4. Switch Position Inside Vehicle

Your new light needs to be bolted to the outside of the vehicle. You need to consider the position of existing mounting points and make certain that the light output will not illuminate other pieces of equipment (antennas, turrets). Additionally, you need to decide if you want a light mounted on a motorized gimbal that may require a special mounting flange.

HID lights can be internally powered, externally powered by a standalone battery pack or powered by the vehicle DC supply. HID lights draw about 3.5 A.

HID lights can be turned on/off at the light or remotely via a standalone switch box or via the vehicle own relay if present.

Finally, you must consider the position of the switch (and gimbal controller if present) within the vehicle. Does it need to be operable by the driver? Is there room to place switch in the cockpit? Can wiring be routed to the desired location?

Polarion can help you evaluate your options and provide you with the best option that fits your needs and budget requirements.