Firefighter Lights

Professional Right Angle Firefighter Flashlight

A right angle firefighter flashlight has a bulb mounted at 90° from the handle. It can be clipped to the turnout/bunker coat for hands-free lighting or hand held like any other flashlight.

Firefighter lights are normally waterproof (IP68) and rated for high temperature operation (120 °C). They need to be rugged and will survive punishing conditions that would break a normal flashlight. The buttons are typically larger so that they can be operated with gloves on.

The Polarion Line Up

Polarion lights are known for their design and quality. Right angle lights are no exception. Working with professional firefighters, Polarion designed the CF3 series as the best all around product.

Using three high-power Cree LEDs, CF3 lights give 800 lumens of well collimated light. They can run in high mode, low mode or strobe mode to alert nearby personnel.

The Li-Ion batteries are built-into the handle. The light fits into a 110-240 VAC cradle with a charge indicator on charger and light. The light can work up to 8 hours on a single charge.

Each light is fitted with a metal clip and D-ring built to clip to the turnout/bunker coat. The buttons are textured to give haptic feedback.

The light body is nylon for high temperature resistance. Unlike lesser lights, the lens housing is made from a crenellated metal ring that enables the user to break glass or other objects.

CF3 series lights have a multi-mode LED ring for signaling or alert (Red and Green).

Finally, Polarion integrated a high-power siren (manual or automatic – 85 dB) into the handle to call for rescue.

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