PH40 PF40

PH lights are Polarion’s flagship products. Made with a focus on performance, convenience and functionality, PH40 and PF40 remain the standard for professional applications. These tactical lights feature high efficiency 40 W ballasts with magnetic switches, high reflectivity electroformed reflectors and rail handles designed for smooth transportation. All PH40/PF40 lights are water-proof. The PF40 light is weapons mountable with optional Picatinny rail mount.

Polarion PH40 Light

PH40/PF40 is a high-quality torch for professionals who need massive and clean light in a truly portable package. Pound for pound, this is one of the most powerful and streamlined HID searchlights in its class. It delivers 4000 lumens at 4300 K and can illuminate a target 1.2 km away!

Polarion has developed an industry leading, streamlined ballast that gives this light its small footprint and light weight.

PH40 uses a virtually unbreakable water-proof rotary magnetic switch.

The cartridge style-battery is swapped in seconds and can be fully charged in 3 hours.

Every time the PH40 is switched ON, LEDs on the rear of battery stay illuminated for 5 seconds, letting you know how much power is left in the battery.

The rechargeable Li-ion battery does not suffer from charging memory or over-charging as the charger system automatically regulates the charging cycle.

By design and construction, PH40 and PF40 are waterproof up to 50 meters.

PH40/PF40 Specification
Lamp Type
Xenon HID Lamp
Lamp Power
40 W
Lamp Life
Up to 2500 hrs
Color Temperature4300 K
Throw1.2 km
Input Voltage10-18 VDC
Operating Current4.0 A
Weight (w/o battery)1.34 kg
Battery TypeLi-ion
Battery Capacity5,700 mAh
Run Timeup to 80 mins
Battery weight470 g
Input Voltage100-240 VAC
Charging Time3 hrs